Learn: Gravity

I'm new to the hobby of homebrewing.  Basically, in a big pot (5 gallon) you mix everything and boil it.  Once it cools, you put it in a Better Bottle with yeast that eat the sugar and turn it into alcohol.

The bottles I have, have a spigot on the bottom that allows you to drain it.  It's super convient.

After about a week of fermentation, you move it from the first bottle to a second bottle.  The purpose is to get your beer off of the sediment at the bottom of the first bottle to avoid bad flavors from happening to ruin to your beer.

My first batch a few weeks ago, went from bottle to bottle really easily.  The last two batches over the weekend didn't want to move from first to second.

Enter gravity!

I had the bottles about 2.5 feet off the floor.  That simply wasn't high enough for gravity to do it's job.  Previously, I had the bottle about 3.5 feet of the floor.  It's simply amazing the effect that one foot of height can have on gravity.

So, I learned that 3.5 feet of height is needed for gravity to move yummy beer from primary to secondary fermentor.

Now I know and knowing is half the battle...