I'm stuck.  I haven't blogged all summer.  I haven't opened Twitter.  I really haven't thought about education.  I'm not sure if I'm in a writer's funk, fed up with writing about education or too busy with other things to spend time writing about education.  However you slice it, blogging has suffered.

I've thought about expanding the range of my blog to include non-education things.  For example, I could include:

  • My new hobby of homebrewing.  My first brew, a cream ale, turned out wonderfully.
  • My motorcycle.  I blew out the clutch early this summer and haven't had the time to fix it.
  • The course I co-taught at Saint Mary's University - Twin Cities (click on 533 or 534).
Maybe once school gets going again, I'll find my groove.  

Any advice on expanding the blog?  Adding more topics?  Finding your writing groove?  Inspiration?


Image: Wisconsin DNR, a .gov site.


  1. Write about learning instead of education. What are you learning about? Tell us about the motorcycle and the homebrew. What goes into it? Sure, I could google homebrew if I wanted to learn about it, but I want to learn about it from you. That's why I subscribe to your blog.

    You've inspired me, Knaus. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Russ!

    My only concern is professionalism. I intended this to be strictly professional. I don't think I can keep that up. It's an internal struggle. But then I think about what I expect of my students. I want them to be well rounded. While I wouldn't want them reading this blog about brewing beer, I do want them writing about what makes them who they are.

    Ah, I guess I'll just go to the basement, pour a homebrew and think some more...

  3. Learning about brewing beer could lead to one of your students exploring entrepreneurship. I know I'm way late with a comment.


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