Summer Learning

I need something to learn this summer.

Two summers ago, I took the Motorcycle Safety Class to learn how to ride a motorcycle and to get my license.  For many years, I thought it would be great to know how to ride a motorcycle.  I had no real intention of having a motorcycle, I just wanted to know how.  The course was a great option.  For $160 I got two awesome instructors and somebody else's motorcycle to practice on.  Pretty sweet deal.

Last summer, I didn't formally learn anything.  I spent the entire summer with my kids going to water parks and hanging out.

This summer I want to learn something.  Right now, I'm learning towards home brewing.  I think it would be great to be able to make my own beer to drink in my own back yard.  I've also considered learning to drive a bus.  The difference is that I have no desire (even less than riding a motorcycle, which I bought one shortly after the class) to actually drive any kind of bus with people on it but I have a strong desire to occasionally drink a beer.

Do you guys do any learning outside of how to be a better teacher during the summer?  If so, what do you recommend?