Pictures from AVID

This afternoon, I plugged my iPhone into my MacBook and iPhoto opened.  I realized that I had some pictures from school on there deserved a home online.  Then I realized that I hadn't blogged for a while and this would be a nice opportunity to let the world in on my classroom and some of the things that have happened in it.  I plan on taking many more pictures next year and doing more blogging about it.  Here, however, is a sampling of the pictures on my iPhone:

Cranes for Japan 

We spent three days learning how to make cranes, making cranes, packing them up to send to Do Something and Student Rebuild.  We sent off 617 cranes of varying colors and sizes.  Do Something donated $2 per crane to relief efforts in Japan.  So proud of my AVID students!!! I had several students who brought in cranes every morning that they had created at home.

Random Whiteboard Picture

I walked into my classroom one morning after missing my last class the day before due to a meeting.  One of my students, and know exactly who, left this on my board.  Notice the color mixing on the flowers in the left hand.  It's amazing the talents that students have that may or may not be highlighted in the classroom.


It appears that the AVID students have evolution all figured out.

7th Grade AVID

I'm pretty sure I know exactly who did this but I love the whole class. They all have this personality.  It reads: "Dear Mr. Knaus, The computers are very slow! Sincerely, 7th Grade AVID."


We talk a ton about colleges and careers in the AVID class and seeing this on my board would not be surprising.  The cool part of this picture is that it is the science classroom.  The things we do in AVID are transferting to other classrooms which is just awesome.