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Sleeping in class?

I had a conversation with a teacher friend yesterday.  He taught high school.  He had a student that slept every day in class.  He did everything he could to connect with this student.  Nothing worked.  He then had a conversation with the student.  Basically, it boiled down to if you sleep in this class, there is no way that you can get a passing grade.  He then asked if that was an acceptable outcome.  The student replied yes. 

My teacher friend said he was okay with this.  Sleeping isn't disruptive and the student made an informed and conscious decision to not learn. 

What's a teacher supposed to do?


  1. (edit: fixed a typo)

    I think it's the educator's responsibility to find out why that child is sleeping during their class. Sleep is one of our basic needs, and clearly this child is not getting enough of it at home. This is really a health concern, more than a "you must learn in my class" issue in my mind.

    What is that is going on in their home lives that leads them to sleep during your class?

  2. Hey David, Thanks for the comment.

    I tend to agree with you. There is an underlying issue. I have one student, who is tired all day. He works hard in my class but I know that he is sleepy. He's a gamer. He's up all night playing video games.

    I've talked to him about it and left messages for mom.

    At what point does the teacher move one?


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