Y is for Yikes

13 sheets of paper.

I was in an all day training today.  It was for a curriculum that I've been using all year and covered one new thing and a bunch of sharing and reflection.  It was a long day.

I've been struggling all year with how to pull more technology into this curriculum.  It's writing intensive and there is a folder that students are supposed to be keeping individual written pages in.  The folder serves as a table of contents. 

I've tried a few things without much success. 

Today, reaffirmed that I need to figure out how to incorporate the technology into this curriculum. 13 sheets of paper.  13! 

We did a lot of modeling of what the students will be doing.  Much of the paper was dedicated to brainstorming, which a good use.  However, the actual writing that we did should be online somewhere.  Somewhere.

Here's what I am thinking.  Students have a blog.  Each writing could be a different blog post.  Then they create a topic of contents page on a portfolio site that links a title and description directly to a blog post.  Argh. Just not sure the best way.