W is for WICR

I'm an AVID teacher.  There are somethings that AVID does: binders, tutorials and WICR.

W - Writing
I - Inquiry
C - Collaboration
R - Reading

I think this is why I love AVID.  I firmly believe in those four things.  Reading and writing are the foundations of education.  If you can do those well, you can learn content in just about any subject.  Lessor known but equally important are inquiry and collaboration.

Not many people make their way in the world without working with other people.  Students must learn how to work together.  They can't just work by themselves or pick a group for them to work with.  In the AVID classroom, I try to instill the value of working with everyone.  I constantly tell students that it doesn't matter if you like the people in your group.  The important part is that you can accomplish a task together.  I tell them that there are 100 staff people in the school I work in and I can't possibly like everyone of them.  However, no matter what committee I'm on, what team I work with, or what goal we need to accomplish, it gets done.  We make it work.  Collaboration is huge for a successful life.

Inquiry.  Yep. Ask questions.  Challenge what people tell you.  I don't know when this skill goes away.  My 6 year old still has this skill.  Usually, it is "Why?"  Occasionally, it is a deeper question.  When do young people stop asking questions?  Seriously.  Once you learn to start asking the right questions, your learning skyrockets.

Writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading.  No content really.  But all the things that you need to have to learn content.  Love it.

W is for WICR