T is for Teacher ID

It's spring break week!!!  I'm very much enjoying my time with Mr. 6 year old, who is also on spring break.  Here's what I've learned this week:
Always carry your teacher ID!
Yep, even when you're not teaching.  Or at least very least carry something that says you are teacher.  For instance, my dental insurance card says "Minneapolis Public Schools."  That is good enough at most places.

Okay, here's why:  DISCOUNTS!!!

So far, Ian and I have gotten discounts at 3 places:
This is by far the best discount we've gotten.   A family membership is $90.  My insurance card got a discount of $30!  That's a one year family membership for $60 and that includes one free Omni Theater show every visit.  For my whole family to go to the museum and see a show is essentially the cost of the membership.  Great deal.
Another pretty good deal with my teacher insurance card.  A family membership is $90.  Teachers get a free membership and it costs $10 per person to add more people.  That's $30 bucks for my family.  That is the same price as me and Mr. 6 year old going one time.  And you get the day at the Mall of America.  (Bonus Tip: walk over to Ikea for a cheap lunch and drop the kids off at Smaland while you find more deals.)
Not a great deal, but still a discount.  Teachers get 5 bucks of the family membership.  And this is by the far the greatest place to take the family.  We absolutely love it there.

*If you've got more, please leave them in the comments so Mr. 6 and I have more to do this week.