S is for Self

One of the 8th grade AVID girls had a horrible day. She usually has the greatest smile and is generally just sunshine. Her and I have a secret elbow handshake.

Yesterday afternoon, she couldn't seven muster a grin. It appears that the middle school girl drama was to much that day and she was set on leaving our school.

Then she walked into a room with four teachers who know how wonderful she is. We all told her that she is one o the reasons that we come to work everyday and it is true. She smiled, showed us a project she is working on, and named a few names of who is bugging her. We all agreed that she just needs to focus on her and keep doing what she is doing and ignore those who try to bring her down.

Just before she left, I asked her if she needed a hug. She shook her head no, paused, and then gave me a hug.

It's amazing how when you take care of yourself, you Are really taking care of so much more.

S is for Self.