N is for Nope, Not This Week

Evil 4, Good 2.

And that was by Tuesday.  And it's 2 only if you can't the surprise Chipotle for lunch today in the Good column.

  1. Leaky roof in my kids bedroom, probably due to an ice dam that is going to cost 250 bucks to remove.  
  2. We had to put our 10 year old dog down this week.  She was struggling to walk and her breathing was get shallow.  
  3. Lost one of my amazing AVID tutors.
  4. My son got hit with the tip of skate blade just under his eye.  Urgent care said he had a small scratch on this eye.  Could have been a lot worse.
  1. My wonderful wife is now Godmother to her cousin's new baby girl.  
  2. I was able to score a Chipotle Bowl for lunch today.
It's a bad week when Chipotle shows up in the good column.

N is for Nope, Not This Week.


  1. I'm sorry you're having a frustrating week. I hope something happens that makes it a lot better!

  2. Thanks BMG!!! I hope something grand happens in the next few days too. Lottery winning, a new car in the garage...

    It was really great to meet Mr. G. when you were in the Cities over winter break. He's good guy!

  3. Wow that was quite a week! Thank goodness for chipotle bows!


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