M is for Make My Day

I've been super motivated this month to be positive.  I've actively sought out ways to be positive and try to make someone's day.  I've tried really hard to do this at school, at home, and pretty much anywhere I go.  Here are some examples:
  • At Best Buy.  I needed to hook my MacBook to a LCD TV via HDMI.  I picked out what I thought I needed.  The blue shirt guy told me he thought it would work but he wasn't positive.  He came back with a dress shirt guy who was an expert.  He ensured that I had the right things and knew how to hook it all up.  I talked to the manager at the check and said that the two guys that helped were awesome.  I should have gotten their names.
  • At school, a teacher has been stuck covering a class this week.  She has whipped that class into shape this week.  I made sure to tell here that she is making a difference.  In addition, a student told me the class was better.  I told her to be sure to tell the teacher.
  • I'm currently sitting in Fun Friday with students who earned the right for some free time.  'Nuff said.
  • On the phone, I spoke with an awesome lady, Casey, who helped me sort out my student loan mess.  She fixed all my problems and we even had a great conversation about funding education and teacher salaries.
  • I've also made a huge point at home of speaking to my kids calmly and respectfully even when they are melting down.  It's not easy but it's working.
What are you doing to Make someone's day?


  1. Thank you for the reminder that it is not only important to make someone elses day but that it is important to recognize those who make ours. appreciate that reminder!


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