K is Kindergarten

 Okay, watch this video first.

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Now, let's talk.

I am very interested in what Mr. Canada is doing in the Harlem Children's Zone and how he is looking to expand it beyond Harlem.  In all honesty, I agree with many of his thoughts:
  • Provide family services in the school building.
  • Provide parenting classes for pregnant women.
  • Hire the best teachers.
  • Extend learning beyond classroom walls.
  • Give everyone all the resources that they need to be successful.
However, I don't think that we can place all the blame on teachers and teacher unions.  Are there teachers that, in my opinion, aren't effective?  Sure and I wish I had a way to quantify that opinion.

In the video, Mr. Canada states that we start testing in 3rd grade and we immediately see a difference between races in terms of scores.

What would happen if we tested students when they entered kindergarten?  Would we see difference?

Would it matter the race of the student?  I think there would be differences between children that were read too and those who weren't.  That isn't a race issue.  There are children of all colors that do and don't have parents that read to them.

I think that this is where Mr. Canda's Harlem Children's Zone is right on.  We need to start educating all colors of children long before kindergarten.  This is why we need Baby College for expecting parents and early childhood programs.  We need to put books in kids hands and read to them.  We need to give them experiences and get them places.  We need to show them things, sing to them and talk to them.  This gets every young person in the right spot for learning.

K if for Kindergarten