J is for Jesus

Okay, it's actually God but I needed a J.  I hope God and Jesus will forgive me.

Yesterday, the AVID students created holiday cards.  They had to create one card and give it to one person at Cityview who has impacted their life.  In the card, they had to include a message about why they were writing to that person.  I was extremely impressed with the designs that students came up. I was even more impressed with who they chose to write to.  They was a card for the principal, the science teacher who has been at school for 2 weeks, the entire engineer staff, elementary teachers, a reading teacher, and many more.  It was a great cross-section of the adults at school.

One student always seems to stand out.  It usually a different student with each assignment.  One 6th grader came up to me and said, "Mr. Knaus, I can't give my card to my person."  He handed the envelop sealed card to me.  On the front he had written, "GOD."  I almost starting crying. 

I say small prayers all day, sometimes in the middle of a lesson.  I don't always remember that God is in the classroom.  He's there.  He helps.  The students feel him.  I need to feel his presence more often.

What a tremendous experience that I was able to share with that student.  I told him that I would make sure that God got his card.  I'm taking it to church with me on Sunday and giving it to Pastor Jeff.

J is for Jesus.