F is for Fail

One of my favorite websites is Fail Blog.  When I need a good laugh, that's where I go.

However, it is completely the opposite of the reality that we should be fostering in the classroom.  Fail Blog's sole purpose is to make fun of people when they do something not-so-smart, embarrassing, or down right dumb.

In my classroom, I want students to fail.  I fail all the time.  I tell my students.  Often times, it is in the middle of the class when I realize that something isn't going quite right and we refocus the work in some other direction.

My students on the other hand are completely worried about getting it right.  If they fail, we can correct it and it and make it right.  If they try to hide the fail, then it just sits there.  Failing is a way to move forward.  Let's fail and make everything better.

F is Fail.


  1. I don't know if you saw this TED Talk on education and failure, but I really enjoyed it and thought I should add it to your post :)



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