College Culture

Dear Blog Readers,

I teach a course called AVID.  This course takes the academic middle that wouldn't think about attending college and gets them in a college mindset.  It gives these students organization skills, studying skills, tutorials, questioning skills, note taking strategies.  It shows them how to be a student.

I want to create a college wall in my classroom with postcards from colleges with stories from college experiences to make college real for my students.

Could you please send me a postcard from a college? Either a college you attended or a college near you.  On the back write a short story about college or a nugget of advice about college.

You can send them to me at the address below:

Ben, AVID Coordinator
Cityview Performing Arts School
3350 North 4th Street
Minneapolis, Mn 55430

I'm look to fill a wall with postcards from all over the world.

Thank you,


P.S. If you include an email address, the AVID students will probably send you a thank you note!!!