B is Blogging

I've been blogging for a while: personally, professionally, academically, and socially.

This year, I started blogging with my students.  Why?
  • Fewer papers to carry around for me and the students.
  • I can't stand notebooks with their frilled edges of papers ripped out. There is always one student that ruins a stack.
  • Papers get lost by me and the students.
  • Papers just end up on the floor or in the garbage bin.
  • Technology is the hook to get the students writing.
  • Collaboration automatically increases.
  • Students reflect more on their own work and others work.
  • The audience immediately goes from 2 or 3 to millions all over the world.
  • Students love seeing others read their work
  • Teachers outside of my class get a sense who the student really is.
What are the drawbacks:
  • It takes more time to get it rolling than a notebook would.  For me, the benefits outweigh this negative.
  • We have log in issues once a week with our wireless connection that causes problems.  That said, the benefits still outweigh this drawback.
You can see what we've been doing by visiting the links below:

(We've been using Kid Blog.  It rocks!!!!)
    You can also see other classroom by visiting the Comments 4 Kids website.  It lists hundreds of student blogs.

    B is for Blogging!!!


    1. I have to agree, the benefits of blogging far outweigh the extra time up front.


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