[Wow, I need to blog more...]

Today's lesson was a continuation of something we've been doing all week-building a paper blog.  I have students that are still working on logos (step 1) and some who have all ready written their first paper post (step 4). 

In my classroom today, 73 of the 75 students (3 classes) who walked through the AVID classroom door were engaged with the activity at one of the steps.  Some students were completing logos.  Some students were designing layouts.  Some students were finishing the blog post topic (descriptive writing about their logo).  Some students were ready to learn the process of commenting.

I was amazed that different areas of the room were working on different things.  I stopped class several times to compliment the classes on the engage and learning.

So what did they learn?  They now know the parts of a web page and blog.  They have a few design skills.  They have demonstrated descriptive writing.  They have begun to learn about reflection and feedback. 

And the two students who weren't engaged?  One claimed he didn't know the directions despite me telling, showing and modeling to him.  The other went home sick shortly after my class.

I should blog more often.  That was kinda fun.


  1. Awesome! I love those days when active engagement is the buzz in the classroom. Where students are excited about the learning.


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