Classroom 2010 - Before

This week, I had a meeting at school to discuss the specialist schedule.  I decided to get into my new room and start working.  Then I decided that I should take a couple of pictures before I got too far into it.

I'm teaching AVID again.  However, I switched from a traditional square room to a science room that is similar in width to a traditional classroom.  However, it is twice as long.  The front is classroom and the back is science lab, complete with gas jets, water jets, and those black lab counters.

Alright, so, the 3 pictures:

1. From the front of the room facing the back.  I have rectangle tables for the front for group work.  In the back, you can kinda make out the lab spaces.  The counters stick out into the room.

2. My entry way.  It is really about a 10 foot hallway from the pod area into my room.  This is one of the two features that I really don't like.  I've seen this hallway space turn into a hide and seek area when the teacher can't see that space.

I did hang up one of my hanging lights from Ikea.  That's when I realized that I should take pictures.  I plan on finding a small table to put along the wall and minimize the space for students to hang out in that area.

3. View from the back of the room facing the front.  Notice the IWB, a new Promethean, and the laptop cart with 20 MacBooks.  I'm thankful that those didn't disappear over the summer.  Also notice all the boxes that need to unpacked.

I'll be posting "after" pictures later next week.  I've already gotten more of my lamps hung and gotten some things on the wall.  I'm actually pretty excited about decorating and creating unique spaces in the room.


  1. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the after pictures! How to organize my space is always my biggest challenge.

  2. I can't wait for the after pictures. Transforming a classroom is one of my favorite parts of starting a new school year. So much opportunity and a fresh slate! Good luck.


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