Teaching: Compliments of Pastor Jeff...

I was at church on Sunday without either of my children and was actually able to pay attention to the service (not handing out snacks and running to the bathroom).  Oddly enough, I learned something from the children's message.

The  theme for the day was "do not lead us into temptation..."

Pastor Jeff sat down with the kids.  He said that he had a magic ring in his shirt pocket (too hot for robes that day).  It was called the Ring of Gyges (guy-geez).  This ring, when you put it on, would make you invisible.  He's a great story teller.  Then he pulled the ring out of his pocket.  The little ones gazed in amazement.  (His wife rolled her eyes, as it was his wedding ring!)

They went around to each little one and asked what they would do if they had the ring.  If they couldn't be seen by anyone.  I thought, this is cute.  But then Jamar, who is about 15 (and still a kid, with plenty of wordly issues), said, "I would cry."  Now, that broke my heart knowing his past. 

However, it also made me think, this would be great to use with my middle schoolers at the beginning of the year.  Perhaps my thoughts being influenced by a recent Twitter convo with @druinok.

I'm sure I'll get a few goofball answers about robbing a bank or punching their sister.  However, I'm equally sure that I'll get plenty of honest, sincere and moving answers that will give me a greater sense of who those wonderful young people are that allowing me to help educate them. 

So, there!  My first day lesson plan is done.  I think I'll video tape Pastor Jeff telling the story.  Oh, and  I found a Wikipedia enter for it too.  I don't care what you think of Wikipedia, I'm going to use it for the story.  Click here to read the entry.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic way to begin the school year. There is just nothing like a good story/storyteller to draw an audience in and get them to lower their defenses. This should give you great insight to the students you will be teaching and let you in on their hopes and fears.


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