Oddly Conntected

I found these two posts via Twitter this morning and thought, "Wow, these two are oddly connected.  I'm glad they came on the same morning so I could make the connection."

Here's the first one: Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech

Here's the second one: Be Like the Bamboo: 7 Lessons from the Japanese Forest

So, how are they connected?

[I was going to post my ideas.  However, let's try to get a conversation started in the comments.]


  1. Incredible Valedictorian speech! I am amazed that in the midst of the system that she is being recognized for, she has come to realize what a broken and misguided system we are in.
    My connection: the system should look more like the bamboo. Schooling needs to carry the same characteristics and attributes of the bamboo.
    I hope that you will write a follow-up post with the connection that you made.


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