Almost Paperless Teaching

I am very fortunate to teach a class called Technology in the Classroom at a graduate level to adult learners in a master degree program.  I teach this course with a dear teaching friend Wendy.

We gave out two pieces of paper, roughly 100 sheets, during this 8 week course.  One was an assignment list (first night) and the other was a learning log (last night).  Both could really only be done with paper.

How did we do it?
  • Blackboard.  The university uses Blackboard for it's course management and posted much of our work there.
  • Moodle.  I had access to Moodle through a teacher friend.  I used Moodle for my content to show the difference between Moodle and Blackboard (other than the cost).
  • All kinds of Web 2.0 tools:
    • wikis
    • blogs
    • Google Docs
    • Google Voice
    • Edmodo
  • And those are just the paper replacements.  We used many more Web 2.0 tools that make teaching and learning so much better!
Next year, no paper.  Should be good!


  1. Well done! It is amazing how much paper can be consumed by a single class, as you have learned there are so many ways to do without so much paper that in many ways make the learning experience richer.


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