iPad Posting

This is great.

I'm currently testing out Moodle on the iPad.  However, I had to switch to my laptop because I can't copy and paste between applications on the iPad.  That needs to be updated.

With Safari, standard browser on the iPad, Moodle doesn't have all the features that we get with Firefox or Camino. That's a bit disappointing.

Typing using the built in keyboard isn't great but it's not bad. And I like the auto correct features. That makes spelling and grammar a bit more irrelevant. On the other hand it is a bit tougher to go back an make changes without a mouse. Hold on, let me change to landscape typing.

Okay, landscape. It's a bit more of a stretch. However it is easier to read the text. The other thing is that I'm not touch typing. I'm looking at the letters on the virtual keyboard as I type and not reading my words.

Let's think teaching for  a minute.  When I was in middle school, I was forced to take a typing class.  I hated it at the time.  However, in looking back, it was one of the most important classes I took during those years.  It's something that I use every day as an adult.  I wish I remembered the teacher,  I'd send her a card.

I believe that students need to know how to type.

However, with technology changing, the idea of a keyboard is changing too.  There are Blackberry-type keyboards, phone keyboards, traditional button keyboards and, now, even virtual on screen keyboards. 

How do we teach typing?  I don't think I could ever touch type on an iPad.  However, my thumb typing is getting faster the more I use it.  Is that an acceptable way?  Do we have to teach multiple ways of typing?  Do we teach touch typing only?  Do we teach typing at all or just let students figure out a way that works for them?

That's lots of questions, what are your thoughts?