The Power of AVID

[I teach a class called AVID. It's all about getting students ready for college starting in middle school. You can read more about it here.]

At the end of 8th grade, my AVID students have the opportunity to apply for the high school AVID program. I have them all do the application whether they want to be in AVID or not. The application process is a life skill.

This is the story of one student. She didn't want to be in AVID. She had no desire to go to college. She didn't even want to go to high school. In fact, her middle school attendance was not good.

This student came to one day and said, "I'm got accepted to South High School. Mr. Knaus, I need another AVID application." This student bugged me for 2 weeks for another copy of the high school AVID application. She made mistakes on the first one. I told her to bring it back the next day. It was under my door at the end of the day!

This is part of what she wrote on the essay for her AVID application:
I want to be in AVID because it helps me change the way I look at college. It helped me learn a lot about different things. It helped me get organized and keep on task. It's giving me lots of opportunities in life.

Not to shabby for a student who fought and kicked to not be in AVID. I'm very proud of her for what she has accomplished in school this year! Not she will need it, but I wish her luck in high school and beyond.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I hope she finds the success she is looking for in high school. The key is always "individual determination."

    It looks like she might be catching "the bug." :)


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