Going Paperless (nearly)

I've been following the Teach Paperless blog and Shelly's Twitter feed for  awhile now.  Both are a continued source of inspiration.  His latest post, from a student, really cemented the use of technology for me:
I feel like I have an edge over most students because our class has been so exposed to what's out there for us to see and learn. It saves time, enables us to communicate to others outside the classroom in a heartbeat, and prepares us for what we're going to experience in the real world.
Yep. Real World. Edge.  Advantage Paperless.

Then I saw this headline from the Pilkerrific blog:
Drowning in Paper
Yikes. But again, advantage paperless.

I co-teach a course at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota-Twin Cities called Technology in the classroom.  We've given out one sheet of paper.  It was the first night and it listed due dates for all the assignments.  This one paper was in response to learners, who in the past, needed a tangible, put your hands on assignment sheet.  But...One Sheet! I think that is pretty incredible for a graduate level course.

We are doing many things to replace paper:
  • Moodle for half the class
  • Blackboard for the other half
  • Google Docs
  • Google Presentations
  • Animoto
  • Wikispaces
  • Blogger
  • Google Forms
  • eFolioMN
  • Creative Commons