Digital Hallway

I'm not big on putting student work on my walls.  I probably should be.  I probably should do more of it.  I just never seem to get around to it.  But, now, I've got laptops and Moodle and a blog and a new blog and a bit of excitement (okay, ELA teachers, yes bad sentence, but, excitement!).

So last night, I had a brainstorm.  What if I created a digital hallway.  I created it this morning.  But don't go to the original Digital  Some of 8th grade boys were interested.

You have to go this Digital Hallway.  Here's the basic premise.  We do a the majority of our writing in Moodle.  Every day that we do some writing, I'll pick two students from each class and post their work on the Digital Hallway.  It might be the best from the day, or the most interesting or the most creative.  I'm going to try and get every student on there.

There are 4 posts right now.  Two more will be added later tonight.  You are more than welcome to leave comments.  For those of you keeping score at home, here's the website:

Thanks for playing along and I look forward to reading your comments.