Wow! What a 24 hours.

Thursday, 8:00-10:20 - AVID Certification meeting.  This went extremely well.  We are wll above where we need to be.  However, this was the culmination of about 2 weeks of intense work on my part and the part of my site team.  It was great to have them all around the table, helping to share all the great things that are happening with AVID my school.

10:20-2:30 - AVID class that focus on BALANCE.  We are doing fun activities in AVID, somewhat academic focused, to balance our the state testing that is happening this week and next. 

2:30-3:30 - Setting up all kinds of things for the evening meeting.

4:30 - Pick up pizza dinner for my family.

5:00 - Eat a quick dinner with the family and get back to school for the meeting.

6:30  - Listen to my district tell our families and community about the 4 restructuring options for the next school year and listening to our families and community tell the district and state that they are making a huge mistake. 

10:00 - Have a beer on the couch at home while everyone else is already in bed and try to relax after the meeting.

12:00-6:00 -Sleep

7:00 - Get kids to daycare

8:00- Lead Peace meeting with wonderful people from several organizations

10:15 - Pick up my first class.  It went surprising well for everything has happened in the past 24 hours.

I'll be posting my lesson plan shortly on my lesson plan blog and I'll be posting my issues with the restructuring that my school is facing on this blog sometime today.

This past 24 hours might be why teachers get two months off in the summer.