Why Twitter, Part 3: Irony

It's been a while since I've done a "Why Twitter" post and I got an email that screamed "Why Twitter."

Here's the email:
I've been reading your posts about the value of allowing students to have access to twitter, and today when I logged onto the MPS Home Page, I found this:

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What??? TWITTER, really? so I clicked there because I'm always interested in MPS News & Events, and guess what?  ACCESS DENIED.

The irony of it all!


But here's the upside: At least one person in our district communications department (@mps_news) is seeing the value of Twitter in education.  In fact, @mps_news was one source of information for parental communication during a code yellow lock down:

I know there are a handful of teachers using Twitter too (@sabier, @learnteachtech, @brockdubbels [updated: @tpierson]).

My hope is that other district leaders are seeing what teachers are doing and what the district is doing in terms of how Twitter is beneficial for so many reasons.

[Thanks to my friend Spearman, "Boss," for the inspiration today!]