Teaching: Parents in the Loop

This week, I've started a Teacher Blog. I reworked a tool on our school web site system and turned it into a blog. I've been posted things for parents. I haven't told my AVID parents about it yet. I figured I'd get it started first and then get it going. This week, I'll create a letter to go home explain the use of laptops, Moodle, Blogs and other tools we are using. I'll include a postcard that parents can post somewhere in their home.

This is my start. Don't really know where it's going.

What are you doing to keep parents in the loop? I'd love to hear more ideas.


  1. I use a wiki for the same purpose. I embed a Google calendar with my lesson plans and homework in it for parents to see. Since it is already my lesson plans it really is no extra work.

    I also post links to on-line tutorials, games, and other links related to the unit we are on.

  2. I have an email list of parents and they have become accustomed to me tech tips. I have a section of my blog the is specifically for parents so they can refer back to these tips easily.


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