Teaching & Learing: iPad Video

There are plenty of blog posts out there saying that the iPad will revolutionize education.  There are also plenty of posts saying that the iPad is the worst thing to ever happen to education.  This post is neither. 

There is one thing that I am excited about in terms of mobile devices (iPod Touch, iPad) in the classroom. 

Yes! That is a iPad Dock connector to VGA adapter.  Three issues with not using my iPod Touch in class is the inability to show the screen to the class, the small screen size and the lack of a full size, external keyboard.  All of these have been addressed in the iPad. 

The only improvement I would make, from a teaching perspective, is the ability to move wirelessly around my room.  Wireless video dock to projector? 

[Although, I'm sure that both Promethean and Smart will come out with iPad apps and software so that I can use a wireless slate.  You heard it here first!]