Learning: iPad!?

I'm intrigued by the iPad.

The more I use my iPod Touch, the more I think a mobile device could by my primary computing device.  I use it as my primary device for Facebook and Twitter.  I check my email, I bank, I search, I shop.  One thing that I don't really do is type.  My fingers just aren't built for that keyboard, as great as it is.  The other thing that is limiting is the screen size.

Those two limiting factors are gone with the iPad. I can add a keyboard.  I'm guessing that vendors other than Apple will produce keyboards as well.  The 10" screen is plenty big for most of what I would do on a laptop, I think.

There are things missing.  For instance,  a camera would be great.  I'm sure that isn't too far down the road.

So, what about my classroom?

Small and portable enough to take different places.  Big enough to use as a laptop in the classroom with a keyboard.

And the cost is right. $499 for the iPad. $69 for the keyboard.  I'm guessing that a district order of a few thousand of these things might get a discount.

If anyone wants to donate a set of 25 of these to my classroom, please leave me a comment below and I'll be sure to contact you.  Or if you'd like to donate just one, I'll gladly accept.  I'll even blog my experience with the device!


  1. Awesome request ... If anyone else has another 25 ... please feel free to send them my way too!

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