Learning & Technology: Weight Loss

During the month of January, I learned how to lose weight. In the process, I lost 12 pounds from January 8th to January 31st.

What did I learn? I learned that I was a horrible eater. Horrible. So many empty calories. Calories at the wrong time of day. And just plan the wrong calories.

I learned that I needed help to track my food intake. I started using Lose It [iTunes Link] on my iPod Touch. Lose It is awesome. I enter the foods that I eat and it adds it all up. There are thousands of foods already in there and it is super simple to add more foods. Not only does it track intake, it also tracks exercise. I learned that sledding burns about 700 calories per hour. How awesome is that?

The first thing you have to to is set up a goal. My goal is to lose 50 pounds by August. Lose it then set up a plan for me.

My first week, I was about incredibly over my allotted calories for each day. The second week, I was within a couple hundred calories of my weekly budget. This week, I was about 1500 calories under my budge.

I feel better, smaller, and have more energy. My asthma is better. And, with 5% weight loss, I'm already the front runner in my school's staff Biggest Loser challenge!


  1. And I've heard people say, "Oh, the internet is so impersonal" I've known lots of people for many years without them ever telling me their weight.

    I've been doing Weight Watchers for Men Online. It does the same for about $17.00 per month. Christmas cookies and a broken ankle helped me put on 6 lbs instead of losing the 6 I has set for a goal.

    I've found that the key is actually putting the amounts into the form. When I start not doing it for a few days, I too easily have a few chips or another cookie. I need to disable cookies in my program.

  2. Nice cookie reference! It truly is amazing what a handful of cookies or chips adds up to.

  3. Do you do any running or other fitness? That would be during the 2-week "summer" up North, eh :)

    If you do, we've got an edurunners group on Dailymile.com for motivation. http://www.dailymile.com/groups/680-edurunners

  4. Our 2 week summer is outstanding. Best two weeks of the year! Just kidding. I love just about everything of the two seasons we have in Mn.

    I haven't done a lot of fitness. I try to run or elliptical 2 or 3 times a week at my local community center.

    I'll check out the daily mile and see what that is all about. Thanks for the tip.


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