Binder Cleaning and Organizing

I try to put my posts into a category: Learning, Teaching or Technology. Often, they fit into more than one category. This one doesn't really fit into any of the three. I know one thing for sure, @teachpaperless is going to mortified at the picture below:

That's two recycling bins. They are a little bigger than a banker's box. And, yes, that's two. I had to steal my neighbor teacher's bin. And they are full.

One thing that AVID students have to do, and we've adopted it throughout our middle school, is carry a binder. Everything that students do, goes into the binder. In my class, I don't give them too much to put in there (since we started using Moodle). Other classes appear to be a copy machine dealer's happiest dream.

Today, we organized binders. There were papers that came out from 1st quarter. There were handouts, graded papers, Cornell notes, pictures and all kinds of stuff.

Our school needs to do more with binders: how to organize, how to keep them organized, how to archive at the end of a quarter, how to know what to keep and what to not keep. And I'm talking about the teachers. I don't think our students can know what to do until the teachers can help to guide them in the process. I'll try to get this on the agenda for Summer Institute and workshop week.

And to @teachpaperless, I'm sorry. I did about your Earth Day Challenge and signed up.


  1. At least you are recycling all that poor paper...

    - Shelly

  2. Haha, true. Thanks for the comment.


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