Filters and Parental Controls

At my building, we have individual student log-ins. Each student is responsible for what is done with their account. We have district mandated filters that block horrible sites like You Tube. Our building has taken it a step further and turned on Parental Controls for the student accounts on the Mac side. There is a list of about 20 sites that are allowed past the parental controls. I've had about 8 of them added for things that I'm doing in my classroom.

Here's the problem. This set up works well when the majority of the students are logging in for media class. However, we are getting 2 mobile labs of 20 MacBooks in the next week. I'm getting one of the labs. I want my students researching colleges. Under the current system, I'm going to have to add each college that I want my students to research. How many colleges are there in the world that my students might be interested in?

So, I'm seeking advice. How do I approach this issue tomorrow in my committee meeting without causing an uproar? I think my personal beliefs about blocking sites and teaching responsible use is contradictory to what some other professionals in my building are doing.

Thanks for the advice in advance.