Google Voice in the Classroom

I recently got my invite to Google Voice and created a number for my classroom. I got in early enough to have my number related to my subject: 612-xyz-AVID (2843). (The xyz isn't real, just don't want to get flooded.) The next thing I did was call my number from my school phone and leave a message.

Then I went to Google Voice and saw my message. There it was, transcribed into text on my screen. The transcription wasn't perfect but that might have to do with the fact that I mumble. In addition, to seeing the text, I could click a button and listen to the message. There are options to email the message or embed the message in a web page. Here's an example of a message from one of my AVID tutors:

Pretty cool.

In the classroom, I have several ideas. One idea is to use Google Voice to complete the AVID interviews that I need to complete. Students will complete the interview answers in class working with a partner. Then they will go home, call into Google Voice and record their own answers. After it is recorded, I'll email it back to the students with the embed code. They will embed the recording into their portfolio site.

The beauty of using Google Voice is that almost everyone has a phone of some sort, cell or other wise. An unintended benefit is that I have a record of some sort of phone number for those students who leave messages. That's huge!

Some other ideas that I have are to show this to the autism, speech, DCD staff. They can use it for so many things.

What are your thoughts?