What are 21st Century Skills?

I'm attending a session this morning for media specialists. Yes, I know, I'm not a media specialist. However, there is no session for AVID teachers. The session is on what are 21st century skills. Can't wait for Shawn from Atomic Learning to tell what they are!

Hopefully, he'll give us a link to his presentation.

Why are they important? Shawn says, "to make our students ready for colleges and careers."

What are they?

Okay, earlier Shawn said that these skills aren't technology skills, which I agree with. Technology is a part but it is separate. Now he said that teachers need technology training.

I should count how my times he says "21st century skills and technology" in the same sentence.

Okay, presentation over. Wow. I have no idea what 21st century skills are. He really didn't get into the process or what goes into this outside of the technology part. Hmmm...