One day, 50 Miles & The Highway

I filled up the tank this morning and ended up putting 50 miles on the bike today. I've decided that it isn't the most comfortable bike for extending riding. The seat is like a banana. I need a seat that looks more like a butt.

The Highway

Today was the first experience with riding on the highway. I've been on some roads that get up to 55 mph. However, none of them highways. Today, I took Hwy. 100 to Hwy. 7 and out to Hitching Post. It was windy and that took some getting used to. So I leaned forward a bit and twisted the handle. I easily go the bike up 6o mph and a bit higher. It was a bit scary but I faced the fear and made the most of it.

On the way home, I made it Hwy. 94. I got the bike up 65 mph to keep up with traffic but was still getting passed. So I twisted it up to 70 and was able to not be passed and keep pace. I suppose it's possible that my speedo. is a bit off. It is 25 years old.

All in all, I had a great time on the open road. And dreaming a bit at Hitching Post was nice. I think I found the bike that I want. Click here. However, I also like this one. And if I could afford it, this one.