I really wanted to get out on the bike today. Haven't ridden in about a week. So, after all the fun today and getting the kids to bed, I went for a ride. I got out the jacket and gloves and went to the gas station.

The amount of wind that you get on a motorcycle never ceases to amaze me. On nights like tonight, it is even more noticeable. I put on about 6 miles and called it a night. My legs were the coldest part. My jacket did a good job of blocking the wind. The gloves kept my hands warm and the helmet even gave a tiny sweat. Jeans, though, aren't wind blockers. Might have to look into biker pants if I want to keep riding into the fall.

The other thing I'm considering is putting the windshield back on the bike. I think it looks ugly. However, I'm willing to give up looks in favor of being warm. I'd rather ride longer into the fall then look better and park the bike starting in September.