Back on the Bike

So I sent a week in San Diego on a training trip with 6 teachers and 3 principals. As fun as that was, I was happy to land safety back in Minneapolis. On Sunday, after not riding for about a week and a half, I decided to go for a ride after the kiddies were asleep.

She was not happy. It took forever to get her started. I had just given up and thought in my head that I would give her one more chance. [Wow, that would be a good book starter.] I pushed the button and turned the throttle and she roared to live. I guess she did want to get out of the garage.

I went to put gas in her and then rode for about 30 minutes. Nothing fancy but it was nice to get out, away from all the headaches of a week long training, getting back to the family and into the swing of things.

More riding today, if it doesn't rain here in Minneapolis.