Twitter as a Live Blog?

I've been using Twitter for about a year now. I have several accounts for different purposes. One professional, one personal and couple other random ones. I also have a blog (which your reading right now). I've used Cover It Live for live blogging from seminars, meetings and trainings. It works really well and I can embed it into my blog. It refreshes automatically without a user doing anything. People can add questions and comments. Cover It Live is a great free Web 2.0 tool.

But, where do we draw the line on which tools to use? Is Twitter appropriate for live blogging? Or does it just overwhelm your Tweeps with hundreds of Tweets? Is it better to Tweet once about a live blog that you are running and link people to that? Do you want to force people to read your "live blog Tweets" or give them the option of heading to your blog?

This is a question I will work through this week, hopefully with help from my loyal blog readers and Tweeps. I'm heading to San Diego next week for my second annual AVID Summer Institute and plan on live blogging or tweeting my morning sessions.

[Right now, I'm leaning towards live blogging over Twitter. That way, I have a record of my sessions easily accessible. I suppose I could come up with some weird #hashtag to use that would accomplish the same thing but that seems like an extra step.]


  1. I would much rather see a few tweets with links to a live blog or a cover it live session. Maybe a tweet like this:

    [short quote] [link to live blog] #hashtag

    I could handle a couple an hour, but my feed is overwhelmed right now with context-free one-liners from #BLC09.


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