Trouble in Bike Paradise

Okay, last night, the bike wouldn't start. I replaced the battery, which I knew was suspect. The old seller told me so. I also noticed an oil leak. I figured out where it was leaking from and how to make it stop. If the bike is on the kickstand, it leans to the left, just enough to have oil hit the engine cover, which is leaking. However, if it is on the center stand, then it is straight up and doesn't leak.

When I checked out the bike, it was on the center stand and not the kick stand. It thought it was odd, but let it go thinking it was just personal preference for not using the kickstand. However, it appears that the seller was trying to hide the oil leak. I'm not very happy about that. I should have trusted my instincts and questioned it.

Today, I went for a ride. On my way home, it sputtered and stalled. I figured it was out of gas, so I switched it to reserve. The seller told me that I should fill it up when the trip odometer got to 100 miles. I was at 68 miles. The reserve didn't last long enough to get me to the gas station.

So I was out of gas by Olson school. One of the construction workers donated a gallon of gas to my bike. I waited about 10 minutes to let gas flow into the system. It still didn't start. I ended up walking the bike home and putting it in the garage. I plugged in the charger and used the gas cans I had on hand to fill the tank up the rest of the way. I waited about an hour and it didn't start. I'll go back out tonight and see if I can get it started.

Good thing my cousin is coming over to look at it tomorrow. Hopefully, he can help me get it started and keep it running. I didn't like getting stranded.

And, if all goes well, Amy won't ask me to mow the grass, we don't have gas for the lawn mower.