Natural Mechanical Ability or Dumb Luck

So, I discovered that pulling the front brake doesn't turn on my brake light. I also discovered that there is an electrical short somewhere that affects the turn signals. Neither of these is something that you want when riding in traffic.

Front Brake

I put the bike up on the center stand, which I'm getting better at doing. Then squeezed the front brake a few times just to make sure it didn't light the lamp. It didn't. Then I got down on my knees to follow the wiring from the lever. Here's where the dumb luck kicks in. There are two wires coming out of the lever. One of them wasn't attached! That was an easy fix.

I stripped the wire a tiny bit, pushed it into the connector and crimped it down. I turned the key, squeezed the lever and, bam, light! That was a great fix.

Turn Signals

After realizing my dumb luck was in play, I tackled the intermittent turn signals. Again, I followed the wiring. This time, I couldn't follow the wiring. So, I jiggled the wire a bit, turned the key and it had turn signals. Truly dumb luck to get it to work.

Pushing My Luck

Not wanting to leave well enough alone, I pushed forward, exploring parts of my bike. I found the fuse box. I looked at the four fuses in there and realized that 2 of them were sort of loose. I jiggled each and saw that they made different lights flicker. I took each one out and bent the metal parts slightly in opposite directions. This made them tighter and, also, made them all work.

Dumb luck? Probably. Natural mechanical ability is what I'm telling my wife and friends.