My First Ride

Not wanting to take an unfamiliar bike on the highway, I took city streets home. The bike was in the Minnehaha Falls area of South Minneapolis, not far away from my wife's office. I took Minnehaha Ave. to the Taco Bell where it turns into Cedar. I followed that and it turns into Washington. I took Washington to Lyndale to 49th and home.

The windshield was a bit in my way, too low. I decided to take this off when I got home. That was the first modification that I did.

The streets were good. Just like city streets in Minnesota, they were bumpy. Washington my not have been the best route. I think I stopped for every stoplight on the road. That was nice though. I got to practice my clutch and shifting on the new bike.

I made it home soundly despite the worries from my wife. She was satisfied with the bike and sound.

The Journey Begins!!!