My First Bike???

The first bike that I checked out, I thought was a match made in heaven before I actually saw it. I found it on Craigslist and it was just a few blocks from my house. It was an early 80's Honda for $900. I was able to get the seller to $700 before even seeing the bike. After seeing the bike, I can say that it wasn't worth $200.
  • One of the pipes was rusted through. Out-my wife wanted a quiet bike.
  • It didn't start without rolling the bike. Out-not so safe for a beginner.
  • You had to rev it high to get it in gear. Out-not safe, again.
Then, I did ride it. I took it to the big church parking lot next to his house. It stalled after I checked the brakes, which worked fine. It wouldn't start. Push the start button and it didn't even make a noise. I popped the clutch and it started. Then stalled. I ended up walking the bike back to his house. He jumped on, popped the clutch and took off.

I want to be safe. Having a bike that I have to pop the clutch on to get started and then have to rev really high for 1st gear is not a good way to start my riding career. I politely said this is not the bike for me and went home.