Motorcycle Dealers in the Metro

There are a handful of motorcycle dealers in the Twin Cities [credit: Wikipedia] area. In my quest for a motorcycle, I've visited several of them:
My favorite so far is Moto Primo. They had a couple hundred bikes in and around the store. When I walked in, a sales person greeted me in the first 5 minutes and asked me what I was looking for. I told him that I just got my license and was dreaming about a new bike. We chatted for about 5 minutes about riding, classes, types of bikes and the teaching that I do. Then he told me the layout of the store, told me to shout out any questions, and to sit on any bike I felt like sitting on. Every bike in the store had a clear price and description. Even used bikes in the "as-is" pile had descriptions of any problems they might have. All in all, a great store and I felt very comfortable.

My second favorite is the Hopkins Hitching Post. The first time I went in, I was greeted by one of the finance guys who rides but doesn't actually know much about bikes. He was honest about it to. He congratulated me for taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class and pointed me in the direction of a couple bikes I might be interested in based on our quick conversation. Most of the bikes had a price and little description. I didn't feel as comfortable but still a quality experience.

The Fridley Hitching Post was great too. The greeter guy wasn't all that pleasent. However, the salesman I talked to gave awesome advice and helped pick out about 5 bikes that would meet my liking. The sales floor is great too. Plenty of room to walk and be comfortable on the bikes.

The Harley dealer seemed snobby. No one talked to me, even though the had a receptionist. No bikes had prices or descriptions. I only stayed for a couple of minutes. Leo's South was the same way.

So there, that's my two cents about some of the motorcyle dealers in the metro. Take it or leave, but I see you at Moto Primo.