Google Saves the Day, Twice!

Yesterday, I was out running errands and checking out a store that my friend told me about. Building Materials Outlet is an awesome store with new and used building supplies. I had a hot tip on a great deal for composite decking. Turns out it was not the color we are looking for.

However, I couldn't find this place for the life of me. I didn't write down the address. I knew the general area. After 10 minutes I texted to Google Info (they have a cool demo on the website). From the Google Mobile website:
Simply text message your search query to GOOGLE ("466453" on most devices) and we'll text message back your results.
So I texted "building materials outlet eagan mn." That's the name, city and state. I got the exact address and phone number seconds later. What a great tool.

Then, after visiting Moto Primo, Leo's South, and a Harley dealer to drool a bit, my wife called and wanted me to pick things up at Sam's Club. I was a long ways from our regular Sam's Club, so I texted "sams club bloomington mn" and got a result just a few blocks from where I was.

[Notice that Google doesn't need puncuation, apostrophies, or capital letters which makes texting a bit easier.]

Google saved me at least 30 minutes last week. That was 30 more minutes I had to look at motorcycles. Thanks Google!!!