Duct Tape Fails. Super Glue Wins

Right front turn signal was barely hanging on. In defense of the turn signal, it isn't put together well. There is a bolt that connects the triple tree to the rubber sleeve that goes to the turn signal. The rubber sleeve is glued to the short bolt. This was not a bright idea. I do understand though. If the bike falls, the signal will bend but not break.

In my case, the wires were the only things connecting the rubber to the triple tree. I used Duct Tape to try and tape it up. It looked horrible and only lasted a few minutes.

Then I found my super glue. I put the whole tube on the rubber and the bolt. Then, I stuck them together for a minute. After a minute, it was stuck pretty good but I still put a bunch of duct tape on it to make sure it put for a while.

I spent the afternoon riding after taking the duct tape off. I put on about 40 miles (more about that in the next post) and the turn signal held tight.

Score one for super glue!