Two Great Days In a Row

Yesterday was great. We started AVID class with song. I Can by Nas, specifically [iTunes Link]. The objective was to write questions about the song. Some of the kids knew the song. It's very inspirational and I try to use it once in my classroom every year. The students created great higher level questions.

Then we worked with a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. They were, again, able to write awesome higher level questions. We also reviewed story parts (character, setting, problem, solution) with the cartoon

Today, we focused on questioning and feedback. Students read their stories written about Edward Hopper's Automat painting. They wrote great stories that included characters, settings, problems and solutions. They also presented well and were a great audience. Again, they had great lower and higher level feedback questions for the presenters.

I'm pretty excited for my AVID classes right now. I think they are getting it! All this was despite it being picture day, a non-uniform day (for teachers too! Jeans!), and having a pep fest in the afternoon.

But Paperless? Not so much. We used a lot of paper in the story writing process and the music and comic activities. Today, we limited our paper consumption by using post-it notes instead of whole sheets. If we had laptops available or even iPod Touches, we could have done much of the work that way with note taking and sending emails.