Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing.....

There are many seasons to the school year. Students are currently looking at Spring Break Season. After Spring Break Season comes Testing Season. Spring Break Season is just a week long. Testing Season is a MONTH AND A HALF!!!

Below is a screen shot of the testing schedule for the district that I work in:

One teacher in our morning meeting asked, "How is the testing driving instruction when the testing is at the end of the year?"

Enough said.


  1. Great point. It's a lesson we could learn from standardized testing, or more specifically formative vs. summative assessment. I still think assessment has the potential to greatly impact the way we view everything we do in our classrooms. Too bad AYP, etc. have given us a sour taste for what quality assessment could look like and be used to truly drive instruction.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I do think that data drives my instruction. However, how timely is the end of year testing/data when planning the next school year?

    The problem that I have is that there are so many tests. In Minneapolis Public Schools we have state tests for NCLB, ELL tests, and district tests.

    There seems to be so much redundant testing. It takes away a month and half of instructional time.


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