Promethean ActiveSoftware Inspire

Today, I spent a couple of hours downloading and installing Inspire on my teacher computer in room 126. I was able to install the actual software and get it running. However, I tried to install the resource file and it wouldn't go. I got a warning saying that the resource could not be installed on a network account and that I should switch to a local user account and try again.

This is a big issue. I have a local user account on the computer but only because I knew how to do it. They don't come that way. To make this accessible for all the staff when our Smartboard replacing Promethean boards are installed, it needs to be easy to get the software running and have all the "bells and whistles" to go with it.

I haven't had a chance to play with the 1.0 version. It looks similar to the Beta version. I hope that tomorrow, I have time to use it and maybe even pull out the Activexpressions. If it truly is improved from beta to 1.0, then I shouldn't have any of the crashing issues that I had before when trying to be things.

As for teaching paperless, the Activexpressions will eliminate paper for warm-ups and exit slips.