Blogs & Accountability

My AVID students have been blogging for about 3 months now. I admit that I didn't teach it very well. I will definitely do things differently next time I start blogs with students. However, here are some highlights so far:
  • During on time online, everyone is actively engaged in the writing process on their blog.
  • Writing has improved.
  • Student motivation as increased.
Today, we added peer reviewers to the student blogs. They chose one person in class that they respect and trust enough to read what they write. Everyone was able to add someone and the majority of the class posted comments. Many students added more than one person. I'm interested to monitor the comments and see what they are saying. (I did them give feedback guidelines and specific things to look for.)

Here's the unexpected positive consequence of peer reviewers:
  • Accountability!!! Several students who did not complete work were talked to by their partners about not having work done. I love that the teacher is taken out of the equation. They are getting each other to complete work. How awesome is that! If a partner doesn't get the work done, then the other partner can't do work.